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NEWS :: Get to known about Range Tanks pure oldschool runescape account| Account4osrs.com2018-12-16

Range Tank Pure Osrs
Prior to becoming a range tank, zerkers were by far my favorite build. Eventually I got bored of not being able to solo boss (you will see) and started over on a range tank - and have since never looked back. If you want to pk at low levels, don't choose this build. If you want to pk fast paced and have huge back to back combo specs based on ticking, probably go with another build (at least for earlier levels). If you love melee, look elsewhere. If you don't want to invest 10M+ in your training and stats before you're good for pking, seriously stop reading now... But if you want common high hits while not having to worry about others doing the same to you, here you have it. Love range? Want to effectively PvM and pk? You've found it. This is for those who want to pk, pvm, quest, literally play almost any part of the game and not need anyone else's help for it.
Mini main that can pk (read: can access almost all in-game content)
Access to high defense gear (read: staying at bosses longer, less food, less need for prayer)
Very efficient at PvM against almost any boss monster
At higher combats, doesn't lose very often
Access to veng
Access to rigour, piety and augury
These are actually REALLY good at staking. I know I said not to use any of these builds for staking, but this isn't a bad one for no armor range fights if you know what you're doing.
Can low-risk fight with void
Training is fast. Melee caps at ~80k xp/hr without dharoks (sucks for you pures and zerkers), but since you focus on range and mage you'll have access to chinning (500k+ xp/hr) and bursting (250k+ xp/hr).
Very limited KO options (Drag bolts, MSB Spec, Dark Bow & Ballista, DTA) - easy to counter dragon bolts so really only ~3-4
This can change depending on your build. If you go the 60attack/88strength route, you have pretty good odds with dds, d claws, d mace, d sword, and g maul as well.
Expensive (90+ Range, 94+ mage)
Darts add up, bolts add up, knives add up, chins at up, runes add up. Power-training either is expensive and not power-training either can be extremely slow.
Takes time to build (low/mid level tanks really aren't that good. You won't be great until you've invested a lot into training and trained your stats into the upper 80s/lower 90s) and until that time, you're just an average starter main account
Once you get high defense, there is no going back without restarting on a new account. You can't decide to be a zerker later on. You're left with either a DHer or a main.
To fully take advantage of your defense, you will have to risk more or pay more (barrows risk vs rigour cost)
Comparison to Other Builds:
Pures: Sub 70 combat, you're probably going to get your ass handed to you by a pure. They have much higher KO potential and will hit pretty often even through your armor. This goes for all 1-20 def pures. Once you get to 85+ they are less of a problem, and often times you will outlast them in a match without having to eat much if at all.
Zerkers/Voiders: Sub 70 combat, you're pretty matched up. They will very similar KO potential and won't cause much of a threat. Around 80-85+ they end up being a bit more of a problem, although tank gear can take care of that. Usually around 85 combat, you end up matching up (range level wise) with most voiders if you've stayed humble with your melee stats.
Low level pking:
You will either be a pure here, or won't be pking here. Those quests will level you way too fast, and take you out of this combat level range.
Mid-level pking (30-70):
Still not worth pking. You risk too much and have too little winning potential.
High-level pking (71+):
Have fun. Specifically 85+ and really 90+ combat, you're destroying most of your opponents. If you don't kill them, you end up outlasting them (once you're at least 70 defense). Dh'ers aren't a problem, and you'll hit plenty through their defense. Voiders and pures are like candy at 90+ combat, and zerkers can hold their own until about 95+.
How to:
Tanks are basically mains that stick to just maximizing defense and range, while taking advantage of prayer and magic. They keep their combat level range based, thus allowing them to stay lower combat level than melee based accounts. As a maxed range tank you want to focus on keeping your combined attack and strength equal to a maximum of 148; so never go past that if you want to stay range/def based for combat level. You can do 74 attack and strength, 75 attack and 73 strength, 60 attack and 88 strength (my favorite) and so on but whatever you choose you want to keep in line with what you plan on doing with the account. 75 attack opens up godswords, 70 attack barrows and whip; lower attack and higher strength opens up different KO options while in the wild. Although I like 60 attack and 88 strength the most for pking, I like to PvM a lot as well. So I tend to do 75 attack 73 strength, for SGS and Guthans. Now with this 148 combined total, remember that this is to stay range/def based FOR A MAXED TANK. That means you don't want to get these to the 148 combined total at a low combat level, or if you're not 99 def and 99 range (or 99 hp). If you're 70 defense and 90 range, getting 75 attack and 73 strength as opposed to say 60 attack and 60 strength only gives you extra combat levels that you don't need. So I recommend keeping them as low as you're comfortable with until you max out defense, range and hp. Then get up to 148 total to take advantage of your full melee potential. Over 52-60 prayer isn't useful if you can't afford it (i.e. don't get 74 prayer if you don't have the 100m to fund rigour - it's just a waste of combat levels). If you can afford it, and don't mind spending the money then definitely get it. Rigour + ballista hits above 70 consistently.
Zerker Questing (look at the above guide)
Barrows Gloves (RFD + all subquests + 175 QP total):
Save for after doing all of the other required and recommended quests; you should be within 50 QP to 175.
Travel and training quests:
Fairy tale Pt 1/start Pt 2, Lunar Dip, Elf story-line up to Mournings End Pt. 1, Cabin Fever, Shilo Village, Start Legends Quest, Start Fremmy Isles
Lunar Dip, Dream Mentor
Firecape: BIS Cape. Takes ~30mins-1.5hrs depending on setup
Dragon Defender: 130 combined total between attack and strength levels
Void Range & Mage: 850 PC points + 250 extra for mage helm
Recommend Mage helm for Zulrah later on.
Garden of Tranquil, Enlightened Journey, A Soul's Bane, Varrock Med/Easy Diary
69 slayer, 60 hunter, 70 craft, 55 agility, 55 thieving
Access to heavy ballista - useful for pking and bridding. Even useful at some PvM (brutal black dragons, bandos, some slayer, etc).
Cuts the cost of chinning in half, as well as multiplies the xp/hr by ~2, by offering a new chinning location. For comparison, grey chinning at MM1 spot with void and BIS gear at 70 def 85 range yields about 250k xp/hr and takes concentration in luring. With the same stats and equipment at MM2 spot, xp/hr is about 550-600k/hr, costing around 3gp/xp (similar cost to BP at NMZ) and requires no luring. I funded 85-99 ranged for less than 20M with MM2 spot (at a rate of 550k-700k xp/hr)
VERY USEFUL for slayer, teleporting, questing, bossing, rc-ing, clue scrolls, etc.; Costs ~1M and takes a couple of hours
Only recommend this if you already planned on (or were considering) the 50 con. 83 con offers access to occult altar, pool, fairy ring, spirit tree, and more. These are priceless for situations like killing zulrah or pking.
(OPTIONAL/HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED) PvM non-combat stats and diaries:
These include 71 agility (70 for sara, 71 for zulrah shortcut), 70 strength (bandos), 72 slayer (wyverns), kourend favor (talisman for brutal blacks), multiple diaries (wilderness teleports, stamina regen, free teleports, noted drops, etc - please google these) and more. You have the stats to pvm efficiently, take advantage of it.
(OPTIONAL) Ardy Cape 3:
Easy, Mid, Hard
-Training Path:
Follow the zerker guide for this account build, ommitting the parts about training melee past 50 and getting any equipment that is melee based.
It isn't necessary to quest for all of that if you don't want to, but a tank is basically a main that isn't melee based. You still should have all of the questing, the need for barrows gloves, teles, etc.
Once you've followed the zerker guide, you should have everything you need in regards to equipment (besides dragon defender). Now comes the slow part: training to a suitable level for pking.
During this time, you're going to probably think your account sucks whereas for other builds, you can see your account coming together early on. You will have stats like 50 atk 50 str 50 defense 60 range, and look like any other low leveled main. It takes time.
Begin training defense.
If you know you won't only be pking on your tank, go ahead and get your attack up to 70 for whip. This will make training your defense a lot more bearable, and 42/45/50 defense to 70 should go pretty quickly in NMZ.
You can train your strength if you would like as well. I usually get 70/70/70 here if I know I will be doing PvM as well as Pking.
Start training range. Get your range to at least 85. If you don't have 69 slayer but plan on doing MM2 then I recommend doing slayer with bp + cannon (averages ~90-110k xp/hr on tasks) with slay helm (i).
I highly recommend powertraining from 75 and on. Blowpipe at NMZ with void will be ~100k xp/hr, chins around double of that for this level at MM1 spot, and over 4x the speed at MM2 spot. You can look up the price for each methods, but I've found blowpipe to be an initial investment of 2.5-3.5gp/xp while using absorbs and ovls with void at NMZ (not including profits from buying rewards). I say initial investment because once you get to 99, you can spend the next 3 months buying herb boxes and end up profiting what you spent.
Chinning won't earn you any of that GP back but it is tons faster, and isn't a bad option if you plan to camp zulrah or some other money making method with your saved time. I've found that Zulrah makes bank so quickly that if you have the initial money to chin, its almost always better to go this route. Then you don't have to worry about buying herb boxes, and you end up making way more back through Zulrah. Just to give you an idea, I camped Zulrah for 3-5 hours a day for 3 days and went from 6M to 22M, not including equipment upgrades (prayer book to upgraded ward, mystic boots to infinity, occult to occult/fury switch). Keep in mind that this was during a learning period, so I died a lot trying to learn the rotations and still profitted. Also keep in mind that Zulrah is highly botted, so camping there for too long might be a little risky.
If you have access to mm2 chinning, don't even consider bp @ nmz unless you want to use a bot to do it (considering atm we don't have a bot for chinning). MM2 chinning is roughly the same price as bp @ nmz but well over 4-5x faster starting around level 80 (at ~95 range I was getting 650k xp/hr with void, bp with mithril darts only got me ~110k xp/hr). If you don't want to hand train it, then botting nmz is still an acceptable solution.
Take time to get veng. This was covered in the zerker section, but if you skipped it, it will definitely help you out.
Your build is essentially pk ready, just not maxed. I've found that a 70 defense, 85 ranged build does fine in the wild with void. Getting to 90+ range was even better, and I've found that 75 defense didn't help as much in the wild if I wasn't going to wear a DFS. Take of that what you wish.
Once you get to higher range levels, you can choose if you want to get higher defense or get melee up a bit for PvM. Use a combat calculator to make sure that leveling attack/strength won't hurt you too much.
70 defense 90+ range 90+ mage does fine at almost any boss with the right gear. Solo-ing will definitely require a bit more defense depending on the boss (mostly GWD), but 70 is fine for camping Zulrah, KBD or wildy bosses.
All done. Use void, use tank gear, or whatever you choose. Pures have complained to me about hitting less often even while I've worn void before, but tank gear is definitely noticeable for all builds.
And there you have it. Your 3 basic pking builds. Hopefully this guide was helpful in starting you off on your path to BH kills, emblems, and making dat geepee!If you are a voider (or even if not), go get your void. 850 PC points takes ~13hours and is pretty monotonous but well worth it.
I highly recommend getting the extra 250 points for mage helm so that you can do Zulrah later on. Void switch is much easier than mystic/dhide and zulrah makes dat geepee.
Now its time to do your travel/training quests. They're worth doing, and honestly I'd probably even do them before the others because it'll speed things up a bit. I put it here though because honestly they're optional. They'll come in handy if you do clue scrolls, bossing, and do slayer a lot but typically you won't need all of them. Doesn't hurt to do them though if you're getting barrows gloves right? which leads to..
Getting your BIS items.
Barrows gloves: Bang out the last few quests points and finish up the RFD quest. The final bosses aren't hard and resemble other quest bosses very much. 
Defender: Shouldn't take long, just gather up the tokens and progress away.
Torso: Annoying to get but well worth the time as it saves you 40k risk in the wild while giving strength bonus.
Firecape: A lot easier and worth getting at this stage.
From here you're left to train. NMZ is fastest xp by far, but you really have anywhere in the game to train at this point. You can do yaks, experiments, rock crabs, and other places. Take advantage of quest experience rewards for training up low level and slow stats.
You will also need to get to 94 magic and you have a variety of options: Alch, splash, superheat, tele, burst, plank-make, string jewelry, and so on.
Your build is essentially finished. Pk away when you achieve the stats you want. Veng isn't a requirement but you'll be at a huge disadvantage at ~80+ combat without it.

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  • Nick man2018-12-04

    Can't lie, I was very skeptical in the beginning, worrying that I might not get what I wanted, but sure enough, they delivered! I am very pleased with the account and service provided! thank you! fresh account without registered email. I Love it.