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NEWS :: Where to buy old school runescape account that would not get recovered by the original owner?2018-12-24

We must realize even a runescape account is linked with our email, the original owner who created the osrs account can still recover it with the old ip address and details as long as he submit appeal through JAGEX site, so where to buy osrs accounts that would not get recovered?
When old school runescape is available to play at mobile device in October 2018, that brings a large amount of old players who quit the game, they still miss the game, and for those players who don't have time to play the game on computer, now mobile old school runescape is a great choice, and lots of players buy osrs accounts from communities in short time. However, most of them didn't realize each runescape accounts can be recovered by original owner even without email, that means even if you changed email to yours, the account can still be recovered by original owner. You can't prevent that happen, now we need to find a legit place to buy runescape accounts, which offers us insurance when account get recovered happens. Here a good site you shall look is 
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This place sells most team trained osrs accounts, we seldom buy accounts from normal players, we have team to train accounts, mainly for pure osrs accounts, and when we buy osrs accounts from normal players, we would only trust those people who had business with us, we would never buy accounts from Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Belgium which with higher chances of osrs accounts recovery. Even if your accounts that bought from account4osrs get recovered, you would be offered a solution.
How to contact to buy a desired osrs account?
We set 24/7 live chat service on the site homepage, you can either contact the chat service at any time for talk, or contact us through email at 

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  • Nick man2018-12-04

    Can't lie, I was very skeptical in the beginning, worrying that I might not get what I wanted, but sure enough, they delivered! I am very pleased with the account and service provided! thank you! fresh account without registered email. I Love it.